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Plug Play NOVIB Socket Saver©-Center Screw with 1960s NOS USA Socket on Top plus Vibration Reduction Base - 9-pin B9A NOVAL - NOT MADE IN CHINA - For Technicians/DIY/Advanced Users

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Only recommended for Advanced Users/Technicians/DIY.


  • NOT recommended for Modern tube gear (most do not have enough clearance for the center screw).
  • You will void your guarantee with the manufacturer (installation requires opening and disassembly).
  • Danger of electric shock - unplug unit before installing NOVIB-CS.If you don't know what you are doing - you are likely to damage your gear.
  • We are not responsible for anything if you screw up your gear while installing NOVIB-CS. (NOT MADE IN CHINA)

Top part is Brand New 1960s USA socket. Anti-vibration Base* is filled with silicone to reduce micro-phonics. Tube pins are exact size of a typical NOS Philips tube for snug fit, unlike cheap Chinese bases with thinner pins that wobble in the sockets. Engineered in-house and precision manufactured for us with high quality materials.


*all damping methods based on increased mass have limitations. It may or may not be very effective in your application.