• Premium Tubes and Adaptors built from high quality NOS parts

Custom fitted premium tubes

Custom fitted premium tubes

High Quality Socket Savers and adaptors

High Quality Socket savers & adaptors

Over a decade of serving the finest Audio industry

We were the first to introduce highly rugged flying lead tubes 10 years ago, custom fitted onto bases for a plug and play replacement to several popular audio tubes.

Premium tubes

Premium Grade is an understatement. Mullard CV4109

 I replaced all my 6922 tubes in my preamp and power amp with these increditable tubes. I consider these tubes to be your last stop. Afer you get these tubes in your system, you will no longer looking to improve on upgrading your tubes in this category. These CV4109 tubes should be listed as "Ultra Premium Grade".

David Picarsic from Augusta, GA United States

I just want to reiterate the Brimar 4034 1970 premium tubes are the BEST I have used in my PL Dialogue Premium preamp in the front 4 slots and on the HP amp in the front 2 slots. Excellent NOS bottles!!!  

Mike Gutheridge

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