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Mullard CV4109 - MINT NOS 1967 Premium Grade Long Life E188CC CV4108 7308 Halo Getter Mullard Mitcham Production - Gt. Britain (Plug and Play Ready to Use)

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Brand New MINT NOS Rare 1967 Mullard CV4109 Military tubes. CV4109 Flying Lead is Premium Grade, High Reliability Long Life version of E188CC CV4108 7308 valves. (Click Here to read about Flying Leads Valves).

SJ0 R7xx
 1967 Mitcham Plant Date Codes. Made in Gt. Britain. Date codes on these flying leads CV4109 are painted on instead of etched codes found on regular versions. Handle with care. Labels are a bit fragile on these tubes and Codes may be partially rubbed off due to bulk storage (Click on LARGER PICTURE to see bulk boxes).

This 1960s Halo Getter Mullard E188CC variant is more desirable than the dimple disk getter tubes from the 70s. In our experience, these are probably the best E188CC/CV4108/7308 type tube made by Mullard.

Listed price is for one tube.

These tubes are one of a kind. No refunds, exchanges or tube rolling at our expense as it says in the Terms and Conditions on the web site.


Here is what one user had to say:

I replaced all my 6922 tubes in my preamp and power amp with these incredible tubes. I consider these tubes to be your last stop. After you get these tubes in your system, you will no longer looking to improve on upgrading your tubes in this category. These CV4109 tubes should be listed as "Ultra Premium Grade".

David Picarsic from Augusta, GA United States