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EL-38 to EL-34 Adaptor - Plug & Play NOVIB OCTAL NOS OMRON-JAPAN Socket, NOS GEC plug. High Temp Silicone wire with ceramic tube cap -Gold plated clip

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EL-38 to EL-34 Adaptor will let you use an EL-38 Power output Pentode in equipment having an EL-34 Pentode socket. The adaptor has a High Temperature Silicone wire lead extending from the base terminating in a ceramic tube cap with gold plated clip to fit the anode connection of the EL38. 

Top part is Brand New, Japanese made OMRON Phenolic socket. Bottom part is NOS GEC phenolic plug. Anti-vibration Base sleeve has silicon filler to reduce micro-phonics. Plug pins are exact size of a typical NOS OCTAL tube for snug fit, unlike cheap Chinese bases with thinner pins that wobble in the sockets. Engineered in-house and precision manufactured  with high quality materials.