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MULLARD ECC82 CV4003 12AU7 -Rare 1958, Wrinkle Glass, Halo Getter, Mitcham Prod - Gt. Britain (Plug&Play Ready to Use) - M. Pairs/Quads/Singles

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Brand New, MINT NOS NIB Rare 1958 Mullard CV4034 M8149 Box Plate Wrinkle Glass Military production. Mullard Mitcham plant codes.

CV4034/M8149 Flying Lead is a Premium Grade, High Reliability Long Life version of CV4003/ECC82/12AU7 valves. All tubes are from the same date/batch code 8G0 R7D from Mullard Mitcham plant. Made in Gt. Britain

These tubes are one of a kind. No refunds, exchanges or tube rolling at our expense as it says in the Terms and Conditions on the web site.

Single Tube price. Select 2 for a Matched Pair

Tested and precision matched in house.