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Mullard CV3986 6021 - 1975 MINT NOS NIB Mitcham Special Grade Plug&Play for ECC88/E88CC/6922/E188CC/7308/6DJ8 NOVIB-ULTRA© mu=35 High Elastance vibration reduction base. 9-PIN B9A NOVAL - Made in Gt. Britain (Singles/M. Pairs) - AKA Mini-Mullard

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New and Exclusive at Pulse. This Mini-Mullard ECC88/E88CC/E188CC sub will blow you away. It joins our Top 4 reference tubes in the ECC88/6DJ8/E88CC/6922/E188CC/7308 family. Our custom base makes this tube Plug&Play in any 9-pin socket.

No Microphonics - Common problem with fragile frame grid tubes of the ECC88/6DJ8 family, as per the RCA specs (see below) this tube is solid as a rock. Also we have potted this pencil thin tube in a High Elastance base making it even more immune to shock and vibrations.

No Heat - This tube runs cool to touch.

CV3986 AKA 6021 is a very special grade flying leads tube for following applications:

Brand New MINT NOS NIB Rare 1975 Mullard CV3986 6021 Military tubes. CV3986 Flying Lead is Premium Grade, High Reliability Long Life close to ECC888/E88CC family. (Click Here to read about Flying Leads Valves).

1975 Mitcham Plant Date Codes. Made in Gt. Britain. Date codes on these flying leads are painted on instead of etched codes found on regular versions. Handle with care. Labels are a bit fragile on these tubes and Codes may be partially rubbed off due to bulk storage.

These tubes are one of a kind. No refunds, exchanges or tube rolling at our expense as it says in the Terms and Conditions on the web site.

Tested and matched on Top of the Line Calibrated 752. New CV3986 measures about 5200 mmhos on this tester.

Single Tube price. Select 2 for a Matched Pair or 3 for a Matched Trio or 4 for a Matched Quad.


Early feedback from our beta customer:
Regarding the CV3986/6021 (Mini-Mullards)

Okay let’s talk about a phenomenal tube, for my setup at least - (First review is on Monolithic Liquid Platinum followed by the Schiit Mjolnir) that tube would be the new CV3986/6021 sub-mini tube, or as a friend of mine called it, the “Mini-Mullard” As we dive into details, let’s start with.

Detail: this tube is a detail monster, it dives into your recordings and digs out detail, flat out amazing detail retrieval!

Soundstage: this tube has a soundstage that is hard to find in a tube, what I mean by that, is the soundstage hits all three axis, it has width, depth and height. Most tubes will give you width but not touch on the others some tubes will give you width and depth, but very few tubes will give you all three.(at least in my experience). Because of the soundstage this tube is very “lifelike” it gives you a sense of being “there”.

Imaging: again this tubes shines, it has some of the most “lifelike” imaging I have heard. It will “show you” where the instruments are located within your soundstage. Together with the above mentioned soundstage, it delivers an amazing listening experience. It adds “life” to your music.

Treble: the “Mini-Mullard’s” have very detailed and extended treble response.

To my ears, it is different then a typical Mullard’s treble response. It reminds me of a Telefunken ECC801S treble response, though not harsh as the Telefunken, with even more detail.

Midrange: the midrange response on these tubes is wonderful, as this tube does have the Mullard’s “lush midrange”

Bass: the “Mini-Mullard’s” Bass takes on more of a flat or linear response. The bass is detailed and “clean”. For most tracks it’s just perfect(To my ears, with my setup), not muddy or bloated, just nicely detailed and when called for, impactful.

In summary: these really are phenomenal tubes, they offer great imaging and detail, a soundstage with width, depth and height, which gives them a “lifelike” sound! Capable of amazingly lifelike vocals, with their great treble and Mullard’s “lush” midrange response. More of a flat to linear bass response that has just the right amount of presentation and impact with out being overpowering, muddy, or bloated.

Other noteworthy mentions, the treble on these tubes can take a short time for your ears/brain to adjust to the sound, but when they do, the results are amazing!


The above are my impressions using the Monolith Liquid Platinum by Alex Cavalli. Below is my impressions on my Schiit Mjolnir 2

I was able to do a proper listening session with my Schiit Mjolnir 2 and on low gain all of the above mentioned review statements, stand true for the Mjolnir 2. The Mini-Mullard is an absolutely phenomenal tube!

Now where it gets interesting, on high gain on my Mjolnir 2 the Mini-Mullard really “POP” now this is to its benefit on most songs. However it’s also to its detriment on others.

For the benefits(most songs): the bass level increases while maintaining detail and “cleanliness” of the bass. It does however start to go away from being linear. The midrange has a slight “volume” boost as everything else about the midrange remains the same and treble takes on more energy.

For the detriments(a few songs, more related to poor mastering quality): the bass can be to much and become bloated, resulting in the complete loss of linearity. Midrange will lose definition and detail. Treble becomes harsh and edgy.

The above is only on high gain, as on low gain the tube sounds wonderful and does not exhibit any of the “high gain detriments” on the same tracks.

Side note of importance: I volume match the low and high gain settings on my Mjolnir 2 with the use of a sound level meter and test tracks. In this process I volume match to the decibel. For as accurate reviews as possible.

Side note: you really have hit a “Grand Slam” with these tubes! As they continue to impress me each time I listen to them.

Thank you!