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BRIMAR F6067T - Very rare 1950'S MINT NOS NIB. Large Halo Getter STC Footscray Prod. ENGLAND. Mil Black Plate Prem. Grade Long Life ECC82/CV4003/12AU7/13D5 (Plug&Play Ready to Use) 

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One of the rarest 1950’s Brimar Special Types ever produced.

F6067T Flying Lead tube is a Premium Grade, High Reliability Long Life version of CV4003/ECC82/12AU7/CV4034 valves and has a slightly higher gain than the 12AU7 - 20 vs 17.

This 12AU7 variant has black plates with a single connected joint, welded tabs to support plates, copper rods, large halo getter and the Brimar "Trustworthy" valve Yellow triangle with a T logo. They test perfect and only very few are available with us.

Brand New MINT NOS NIB - STC Footscray Production.  Made in England. T(trust)- Series Yellow Sticker with Brimar Made in England Label. These are a collector's dream.

These early flying lead version from 1950's are now probably extinct.

Tested and precision matched in house.

Priced per unit. Order 2 for pair, 4 for a quad.

Please note: These tubes have a very fragile white printing that easily rubs off. All tubes have the Yellow T Label intact and pristine, The white printing is also intact. However, the cardboard boxes maybe slightly damaged in some tubes due to age.