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BRIMAR CV4034 - MINT NOS NIB 1970 Mil Long Plate Prem. Grade Long Life ECC82/CV4003/12AU7/13D5 Halo Getter STC Prod. ENGLAND(Plug&Play Ready to Use) - M. Pairs/Quads/Singles

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Tubes are Plug & Play, Ready to Use, fitted with our Custom made thermosetting Bases.

Brand New MINT NOS NIB Rare 1970 BRIMAR CV4034 Long Plate Military tubes. CV4034 Flying Lead is a Premium Grade, High Reliability Long Life version of CV4003/ECC82/12AU7 valves (Click Here). STC Rochester Plant Date Codes are faint and painted on instead of etching in some of the earlier Brimar flying lead type, and may not be visible on all tubes. Royal Naval Store Depot Copenacre Wilts Stock (see Larger Photo also click on link).

Various dated acceptance stamps on the boxes are NOT the date codes and may be of later date. Made in England. Labels are a bit fragile on these tubes since the tubes can rub against the cardboard cone inside the box.

CV4034 premium grade version of the 1960s Long Plate CV4003 is one of the best from Brimar in the ECC82 types (click Larger Photo).

Tested and precision matched in house

Single Tube price. Select 2 for a Matched Pair or 4 for a Matched Quad. Even odd number of tubes will be matched.