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BRIMAR CV4033 - Rare 1957 - Mil Black Plate, 3-MICA Halo GT. - STC Footscray Production Prem. Grade Long Life ECC81:CV4024:12AT7 Factory Tested (Plug&Play Ready to Use)

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NOTE: After spending $$$$ on tooling and various prototypes, we have fitted Special Grade Flying Leads tubes with Custom Thermo setting Bases developed in-house. It is a multi-step, labor intensive process. Each lead is straightened and cleaned to ensure perfect fusion with the base pins in the silver soldering bath. Process is painstakingly slow, so we will be adding a few tubes at a time to the inventory.
Tubes are Plug & Play, Ready to Use.

Brand New MINT NOS NIB Rare 1957 BRIMAR CV4033 Black Plate with 3 MICA insulators & Copper Grid Post Military tubes. Factory tested and serialized*. 

CV4033 Flying Lead is a Premium Grade, High Reliability Long Life version of CV4024/ECC81/12AT7 valves (Click here) - CV4033 premium grade version of the 1960s Black Plate CV4024/6060 is one of the best from Brimar in the ECC81 types. STC Footscray Plant Date Codes. Made in England. 

*Most tubes came with 3 factory stickers (See Photos). A hand written individual serial number on top, and a printed sticker with numbers R811451 PM25525-1 on the side. Another hand written serial number on the side and text PM25525-1. Another sticker with text PM25525-1 is attached on the back flap of the tube boxes. NOTE: Stickers may be missing on a few tubes - old adhesive is very flaky and these must have come off at some time in last 60+ years.
Some tubes have completely unusable boxes due to age. These will be shipped in plain white new generic boxes. We will ship original usable boxes as a first come first serve basis.

Tubes were factory tested and serialized for some qualification (R811451 PM25525-1), except we don't have specific details of the qualification. 

Tested and precision matched in house.

Select 2 for a Matched Pair or 4 for a Matched Quad.
Even odd number of tubes will be matched before shipping.