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BEL - BEL ECC83 12AX7 NOS NIB Halo or Dimple Disk Getter - Philips/Mullard OEM - Guitar Special

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1970s production NOS NIB BEL ECC83/12AX7 Tubes. Some tubes have halo getter and some have dimple disc getter. Repacked in white boxes from bulk. Tubes look identical to Amperex/Philips Tubes from the Heerlen Plant. Not surprising since BEL was one of the Philips/Mullard OEM plants in India setup with TOT (Transfer of Technology) from Philips. Labels are not perfect due to bulk storage.

Click here to read about BEL. BEL ECC83 tubes have very clean sound. Sonically, these tubes beat any current production junk. Great for Audio and Guitar applications. Click LARGER PHOTO to see examples of BEL made tubes relabeled by different companies.

BEL plant was set up in collaboration with Mullard/Philips in 1950s in India to make tubes for defense needs. BEL also made OEM tubes for various names like Mullard, Philips, Sylvania, GE, Mazda etc etc. from 1960s to 1980s. BEL stopped making small signal tubes in 80s and now only makes tubes for broadcasting and X-ray tubes for GE CT machines. BEL is listed as one of the Philips factories in the tube factory code list.