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12Axx to 6SN7/6SL7 Adapter - Plug & Play NOVIB © - 1960s NOS British McMurdo / Cinch Phenolic socket on Top with GE NOS, 8-pin Octal plug.

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 12Axx to 6SL7/6SN7 adapter will let you use common tubes like 12AX7/ECC83, 12AU7/ECC82 and 12AT7/ECC81 and other tubes with same pinouts as 12AX7 in 6SL7/6SN7 amps.


Top part is Brand New 1960s British Made McMurdo / American made Cinch Phenolic socket. Bottom part is 1960s NOS GE USA 8 pin Plug. Anti-vibration sleeve* reduces microphonics. Top plug and bottom socket parts are Brand New NOS for snug fit, . Engineered in-house and precision manufactured by us with high quality materials.

*all damping methods based on increased mass have limitations. It may or may not be very effective in your application.